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Do you know your family tree?

It's time to meet your ancestors and build your family history

Do you need to build your family tree and your research is stuck?

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Mapa en Grass

DNA test

Do you want to know where your ancestors come from?

Family tree

Do you need to build your family tree and your research is stuck?


Do you want to get your double nationality?

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Mesa del juez
Casa en el bosque

Biographical research

Is there a mysterious character in your family from whom you've always wanted to know your story?


How to prove your right to an inheritance?

History of the property

Do you know what the historical records say about the ancient owners of your property?

Shaking Hands

About ADN y Genealogía

  • We are a group of researchers dedicated to genealogical research in Chile.


  • We have extensive knowledge of local sources and research sites.


  • We adapt to the research needs of each family.


  • We offer 100% confidentiality, the information we obtain will be your property, it will not be disclosed without your authorization.


  • We are members of the Chilean Institute of Genealogical Research ICHIG.


  • We have a network of researchers in other countries to extend research in families of foreign origin.

Contact us

¡Tus datos se enviaron con éxito!

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